Bengali music gets a new gem with Paushali and Jeet Gannguli’s collaboration

The mellifluous voice of Paushali Sahu has enchanted audiences with her signature retro flair, but the talented songstress is now venturing into uncharted territories with her upcoming original compositions. She has unveiled the exciting details of her two new releases, promising a fresh and captivating musical experience.

Paushali’s first original, “Chokh Mele Dekho Tumi,” released by Zee Music, is a Bengali contemporary gem crafted in collaboration with the illustrious composer Jeet Gannguli and lyricist Chandrani Ganguli. Transcending linguistic barriers, the song’s rich musical nuances and poetic depth resonate with universal appeal. Her debut in the Bengali music scene has been a humbling experience, working alongside industry stalwarts and honing her craft under their guidance.

The second original, slated for release on T-Series, is a Hindi contemporary folk song that transports listeners to the majestic hills, inviting their spirits to soar high with courage and embrace life’s adventures. Co-written by Paushali and Sushmita Chanda, and composed by Shamik Guha Roy, this enchanting melody promises to leave an indelible mark on audiences.

Paushali’s transition from renditions to originals has been a liberating journey, allowing her to express herself through meaningful music that defies conventional norms. Her philosophy lies in creating her own unique style, free from the constraints of fleeting trends or metrics. The videography for her songs is meticulously conceptualized, reflecting the depth and artistry of her compositions.

While originals have taken center-stage, Paushali’s talent has not gone unnoticed by the playback singing industry. With scratch versions already recorded for Hindi and regional language films, she eagerly awaits the final releases, further solidifying her position as a versatile and sought-after vocal powerhouse.

As Paushali continues to push boundaries and explore new genres, her unwavering passion for music and her commitment to authenticity have solidified her as a rising force to be reckoned with in the world of music.

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